Monday, 29 January 2018

RosehipPLUS Giveaway

Exciting news!

It's giveaway time!

Yes, Fabulous and Fun Life in collaboration with RosehipPLUS is hosting a giveaway of the entire range of RosehipPLUS on Fabulous and Fun Life's Instagram account.

The prize includes:
  • RosehipPLUS Nourishing Night Cream
  • RosehipPLUS Hydrating Day Cream
  • RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil Skin Boost Roll-On
  • RosehipPLUS Daily Cream Cleanser
  • RosehipPLUS Rosehip Oil
Entry is easy. Click HERE to enter this giveaway on Instagram.

RosehipPLUS Giveaway

As well as being one of my favourite skincare brands, RosehipPLUS is proudly Australian made and Australian owned so it was the perfect brand to collaborate with to host a giveaway to celebrate Australia Day this year.

RosehipPLUS is an Australian Certified Organic and multi-award winning skincare range.

The range is cruelty-free and vegan approved by PETA.

I have previously reviewed the RosehipPLUS range of skincare on Fabulous and Fun Life. Click HERE and HERE to read my reviews.

Good luck to everyone that enters this giveaway!

If you are interested in cruelty-free and vegan beauty products you will also enjoy reading W7 Very Vegan Makeup. Click on the link to read.

How did you celebrate Australia Day this year?

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Monday, 22 January 2018

Recent Empties

It's been ages since I've written an empties post and unfortunately I've thrown away quite a lot of my empties in the meanwhile as the clutter was starting to engulf my bathroom!

Recently however I've started saving my empties to share with you again. 

All of these empties I've liked well enough to finish. Some I've absolutely loved and already replaced, others I've liked enough to finish but haven't necessarily loved enough to replace.

To be honest, if I hate a product or it simply doesn't work for me it never becomes an empty. I will either pass it along to someone who will appreciate it more than me or throw it out if there is a problem with it.

So let's look at what I've finished recently and whether I will be replacing it or not.

Note: I've highlighted pink links to where you can purchase these products from if you are interested in buying any of them. Some of them I was unfortunately unable to find links for. 

Recent Empties


Lycon Mango & Guava Oil Free Sugar Scrub
OMG! This luxurious spa quality oil-free sugar scrub is summer in a jar!

Containing mango and guava it is absolutely divinely scented! 

It gently exfoliates, buffing away dead skin cells and boosting circulation whilst simultaneously moisturising the skin without leaving an oily residue. And it washes off easily.

I don't know why it took me so long to start using this scrub. I received it in a goodie bag at an event over a year ago and now I've finished it I definitely want to buy a replacement immediately!

I'm so devastated I haven't been able to track down this exact product but I did find a Lycon Pomegranate Oil Free Sugar Scrub, a Lycon Lavender & Chamomile Oil Free Sugar Scrub and also a Lycon Coconut & Vanilla Oil Free Sugar Scrub.

Although the pomegranate version sounds intriguing, the lavender & chamomile version sounds relaxing and perfect for a pre-bedtime bath, it's the coconut & vanilla version that I will be purchasing.

Coconut is such a quintessential summer product that transports me instantaneously to previous tropical island holidays. Just what I need as I return to work after the holidays.

Cleansers, Soaps, Scrubs & Bath Bomb Empties

Amie Petal Perfect Gently Cleansing Micellar Water
I found this Amie micellar water to be effective in removing my makeup but I won't be repurchasing it.

Despite usually loving scented products I found the rose petal fragrance of this micellar water to be a bit overwhelming for me. 

I guess I'm used to my micellar waters and makeup removers being fragrance free.

I've instead purchased the Garnier Clean Sensitive 2in1 Waterproof Makeup Remover which I'm super happy with.

QV Face Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Although I do not have sensitive skin I love returning to the QV Face Gentle Foaming Cleanser to give my skin some gentle TLC.

I have repurchased this gentle foaming cleanser numerous times and will continue to do so. 

I love this cleanser!

Nutrimetics Violet & Pink Orchid Scented Soap
Admittedly I'm usually more of a shower gel type of person than a soap person but over the holiday period I popped this divinely scented Nutrimetics Violet & Pink Orchid soap into the bathroom. 

It looked pretty in the soap dish and resulted in a beautiful subtle floral scent wafting throughout the bathroom making it a welcoming space for visitors and me alike.

I'd be happy to repurchase this soap but do have several other shower gels and soaps to use up first.

Lush Experimenter Bath Bomb Gift Box
I won this Experimenter Box of 10 different and amazing bath bombs ages and ages ago. I used up the majority of them early on but was hoarding the last two!

Hoarding your bath bombs is a bad move! I've now used the last two but they were disappointingly non-fizzy probably because I used them way past their recommended use by date!

My recommendation is to buy bath bombs as you need them. Don't hoard them!

Lush Experimenter Bath Bomb Gift Box


Sunscreen Empties

SunSense Sport SPF50+ & SunSense Ultra SPF50+
Recent readers of Fabulous and Fun Life would know that these two SunSense sunscreens are two of my absolute favourite sunscreens.

The good news is that since I bought these two sunscreens, they have been reformulated. I already have both the reformulated versions and have almost finished those too! 

The refomulated versions of both these SunSense sunscreens feel even more lightweight whilst still offering the same high levels of sun and UV protection.

They are definitely firm favourites of mine that I will continue repurchasing!

You might be interested in finding out how much sunscreen we should be using HERE. It's a lot more than most of us think!

Banana Boat Sport CoolZone Spray
Although I absolutely loved the cooling and refreshing feel of this sunscreen and admittedly I never got burnt whilst I was wearing it, I was concerned that I wasn't applying the recommended quantity of this sunscreen due to the spray application of it so I won't be repurchasing this one.

If you are wanting to know what the recommended quantities of sunscreen are click HERE to find out how much sunscreen you should be applying per use.


Although I have been trialing a number of different shampoos and conditioners my holy grail of shampoos and conditioners remains the bhave Rescue Intense Repair Shampoo and Conditioner.

I can see and feel the difference after using bhave Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner.

My hair feels and looks so much healthier, smoother and frizz free.

If your hair is in need of repair and TLC because you abuse your hair with heat styling tools such as hair dryers, curlers and straighteners like I do or because you have been spending a lot of time outdoors in the hot summer sun and swimming, I highly recommend the bhave Rescue range of products.

Unfortunately these products aren't cheap but because of the significant improvement in my hair when I'm using these products I will continue to repurchase them time and time again!

Hair Care & Other Empties

This bhave masque is another holy grail product of mine that provides intense moisture to my hair to help keep it healthy, moisturised and damage free. I use it once a week.

This product is especially useful to those of us with coloured, heat stressed or damaged hair.

This 'empty' is my own fault! 

I was so cranky with myself  for dropping this Schick Hydro Silk Trim Style Razor on my tiled bathroom floor and breaking it.

I especially love the bikini trimmer feature and this is a summer essential product for me! 

I've already replaced it! 

Luckily for me Priceline currently have a 3 for the price of 2 sale on Schick products!

Which products have you finished recently?


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Monday, 15 January 2018

6 Australia Day Essentials

Australia Day is fast approaching and it's one of my favourite days of the year!

I love joining in the festivities around Sydney Harbour, watching the iconic ferrython, tall ships and the Australia Day Harbour Parade of boats all decked out in their Aussie flags and decorations.

Then in the afternoon you can usually find me cooling off at the beach with my family and friends before we enjoy a casual relaxing BBQ dinner by the water.

Here are some of my Australia Day essentials:

Australia Day Essentials

1. Sunscreen

My number one Australia Day essential every single time is sunscreen!

Australia Day always seems to be scorching hot! As I spend the whole day outdoors I always slather on my sunscreen and take it along with me to reapply throughout the day.

Having previously experienced a malignant melanoma I always make sure I protect my skin when outdoors, especially in the burning Australian summer sun! 

My family and my personal favourite sunscreens are SunSense Ultra and SunSense Sport. 

SunSense Ultra SPF50+ & SunSense Sport SPF50+

Both are broad spectrum, SPF50+, easy to apply and readily absorbed.

They are Australian made and tested for Australian families. What else would you wear on Australia Day!

Recently they have both been reformulated to create an even lighter formula with the same great broad spectrum UV protection.

They were my family's favourite sunscreens before the new formulation. Now we love them even more! 

SunSense products are available from pharmacies and Priceline.

SunSense Sunscreen Products

2. Hat

A broad brimmed hat is an essential for me whenever I'm enjoying the outdoors, especially in summer. 

The above pictured Kmart hat is lightweight, easy to wear and offers good protection from both the heat and the damaging rays of the sun.

3. Australia Day Outfit

On Australia Day I love to get into the spirit of the day by wearing an Australian coloured outfit designed by an Australian company.

Dark blue to me is the best Australian colour to wear.

It's the colour of the harbour and the oceans surrounding our wonderful country. 

This year I'm planning on wearing the White Haven Emporium Short Sleeved Peak Front Maxi in Navy Gouache.

White Haven Emporium Short Sleeved Peak Front Maxi
in Navy Gouache

I love the swishablility of this dress. It is loose fitting, cool to wear and super comfortable.

It also has pockets! 

It's an absolute Australia Day winner!

White Haven Emporium Short Sleeved Peak Front Maxi 
in Navy Gouache

4. Erstwilder Candy Callistemon Brooch

As an eye catching additional Australiana feature to my outfit I'll be wearing the pretty pink Erstwilder Candy Callistemon brooch.

Erstwilder Candy Callistemon Brooch

Erstwilder have a range of Australiana brooches that are perfect to wear on Australia Day, or any other day to be honest! These brooches would also make fabulous gifts for overseas friends.

They have a wallaby, a golden wombat, a Rohan yellow tailed black cockatoo and a surf rescue brooch among many more. 

There is also an adorable pair of May Gibbs Snugglepot earrings and the cutest May Gibbs Nuttybub necklace.

The Candy Callistemon bottlebrush broochapart from being pink, which is my favourite colour, also contains glitter in the resin. 

The glitter sparkles so beautifully in the sunshine! 

Wearing the Erstwilder Candy Callistemon Brooch

5. Cheeki Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Another Australia Day essential for me is my Cheeki Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle.

I am so impressed with how icy cold it keeps my water ALL DAY! It's almost like being out and about with a mini fridge in your bag, that's how cold my water remains.

On the product's packaging it states it will keep liquids cold for 36 hours or hot for 24 hours. 

Cheeki Insulated Sunshine Grey Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

The other reason I love my Cheeki bottle is that it is eco friendly, helping me fulfill my new year's resolution of saying no to unnecessary plastic! 

I no longer have a need to buy disposable plastic bottles of water when I'm out and about as I always now take my Cheeki bottle.

I also love the fact that Cheeki is an Australian owned and run company that was founded on Sydney's Northern Beaches. 

6. Lamingtons

This last Australia Day essential was inserted into this post at my daughter's insistence. 

She read my draft post and advised me I'd left out the most important Australia Day essential of all - lamingtons!


Our Australia Day BBQ is always finished off with a lamington or two so she definitely had a point!

Light and fluffy on the inside and wonderfully chocolate-y on the outside! These local bakery bought lamingtons are delicious!

Enjoy your Australia Day everyone!

What are your Australia Day plans and what are your Australia Day essentials?

Australia Day Essentials


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Monday, 8 January 2018

How Much Sunscreen Should You Use?

How Much Sunscreen Should You Use?

Do you know how much sunscreen you need to use to provide the tested level of protection?

Recent studies suggest that most of us don't!

Studies have found that only 15% of Australians are using the recommended amount of sunscreen!

The average Australian applies just a quarter of the recommended amount of sunscreen required to provide the tested level of protection.

This is such a worrying statistic! 

You can buy the most effective sunscreen with the highest levels of SPF and UV protection but if you don't apply the recommended amount then even this sunscreen will not protect you sufficiently. 

So how much sunscreen is recommended I hear you ask.

According to research the answer is at least 40ml for your entire body.

This is divided up into:
  •  more than half a teaspoon (3ml) of sunscreen for your left arm
  •  more than half a teaspoon (3ml) of sunscreen for your right arm 
  •  more than half a teaspoon (3ml) of sunscreen for your face 
  •  more than half a teaspoon (3ml) of sunscreen for your neck
  •  more than 1 teaspoon (6ml) of sunscreen for your left leg
  •  more than 1 teaspoon (6ml) of sunscreen for your right leg
  •  more than 1 teaspoon (6ml) of sunscreen for the front of your body, and
  •  more than 1 teaspoon (6ml) of sunscreen for the back of your body.

Recommended Sunscreen Quantities

Based on the above amounts a 75ml tube of sunscreen should only last you just over two trips to the beach for one person! 

That's why, owning a well utilised backyard pool, I keep the biggest pump pack of SPF50+ sunscreen I can buy at our back door for family and friends to use. 

Having suffered with a malignant melanoma myself I don't want any of my family members or friends to go through what I had to endure!

And I also don't want you as a valued reader of Fabulous and Fun Life to suffer my fate either, hence this blog post!

There is currently a huge variety of sunscreens available in the market to enable you to find one that's suited to your needs.

One of my favourite brands of sunscreen is SunSense which has a large range of different styles of sunscreen to suit all variety of needs.

SunSense Sunscreens

SunSense Sunscreens

Two of my family's favourite sunscreen products over the past year have been SunSense Ultra and SunSense Sport. 

SunSense Ultra & SunSense Sport

Thanks to the inclusion of Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide) and Vitamin E these sunscreens have the additional benefits of added moisturisers and anti-oxidants, giving you skincare as well as sunscreen! So brilliant! 

Both are broad spectrum, SPF50+ and are easy to apply and readily absorbed.

They are also fragrance, PABA and lanolin free, non-comedogenic, dermatologically tested and Australian made and owned.

Now however they have both been reformulated to an even lighter formula with the same great broad spectrum UV protection.

They were my family's favourite sunscreens before the new formulation. Now we love them even more! 

They feel so light and moisturising when applied.  

If you are looking for a highly effective sunscreen that isn't horribly thick and doesn't leave a white cast on your skin I highly recommend the SunSense Ultra and the SunSense Sport.

SunSense sunscreens are available exclusively in pharmacies and Priceline stores nationally.

SunSense Ultra, SunSense Sport & SunSense After Sun

 P.S. You might also be interested in reading: 9 Big Sunscreen Mistakes You Need To Avoid

I'd love you to share this post on your social media accounts to help increase sun safety awareness and help prevent other people going through the malignant melanoma dramas I went through. 
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Prior to reading this were you aware of the recommended level of sunscreen to use?

                        Do you use the recommended quantity of sunscreen?


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