Saturday, 30 December 2017

How To Achieve Luxurious Full Swishable Party Hair

We are now in party season! 

And what does everyone want in party season - luxurious full swishable hair - the perfect 'party do'!

Well that's what I want any way! 

Having naturally fine and limp hair, as do over a third of Australian women, I'd love to visit my hairdresser prior to every party and outing. Unfortunately that's not affordable or practical on my budget and lifestyle!

Lucky for me I've found another way to achieve luxurious full swishable party hair!

It's John Frieda's Luxurious Volume range of hair care products.

Step 1
Start with John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner.

This shampoo is enriched with caffeine vitality complex and the lightweight formula of this product thickens limp strands and increases lift for thicker full bodied hair.

The conditioner preps hair to build fullness whilst conditioning and detangling hair.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full
Shampoo & Conditioner

Step 2
Spray the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion on to your damp hair, at the roots only.

This will give a natural lift and create extra volume at the crown without venturing into 'big hair' territory.

Yes, there is a huge difference between full swishable party hair and 'big hair'! 

Step 3
Fine hair is difficult to style because it can be slippery in texture.

John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse solves this problem.

Add it from your roots to the ends. This will add texture and give your hair the grip it needs to style.

Step 4
Blow dry your hair with a round brush and finish the look with John Frieda Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray to set the style.

Step 5
Swish that hair, dance the night away and party, party, party!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Hair Care Products

Priceline Pink Dot Sale Now On Until 3/1/2018

What is your go to party hair do?


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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Priceline Pharmacy Massive Sale!

This is a public service announcement blog post for all beauty lovers!

For the first time ever Priceline Pharmacy is bringing forward their annual Boxing Day sale! 

The massive 'Pink Dot' sale will start Saturday 23rd December and run until 3rd January 2018.

This is the best news! 

You'll have the chance to pick up last minute Christmas presents at a fraction of the price, or even skip the big Boxing Day crowds by getting in early!

Revlon Cosmetics Items Included in the Priceline Pharmacy Sale

Some of the offers include the following. 

Note: Click on the highlighted pink to go to that brand on Priceline online to plan your purchases or to purchase direct online from Saturday 23/12/2017.

Australis GRLBOSS Lip Cream, Models Own Lip Base/Primer
& Models Own Chrome Silver Nail Polish

  • Half price Tresemme (excluding clearance)
  • Half price Toni & Guy (excluding gift packs and clearance)
  • Half price Fudge haircare and styling (excludes Triblow and clearance products)
  • 40% off selected skincare and suncare products across Manuka Doctor, Dr. LeWinn's, Skin Republic, B.Tan, Olay, Nivea, Reef, Jergens, Swisse, Pure Tan, Olive Oil Skincare, Invisible Zinc, Sukin, St. Ives, Natural Instinct, Beauty By Nicholas.

Batiste Rose Gold Dry Shampoo

Personally I will be looking to buy some more Australis GRLBOSS Lip Creams, I absolutely love their packaging! And the nude shades are perfect for Summer!

Australis GRLBOSS Lip Cream

I'm also wanting to pick up the Australis Unicorn Eyes on Eye Shadow palette and Australis Mixologist Lip Palette.

Australis Unicorn Eyes On Eye Shadow Palette

Australis Mixologist Lip Palette

I'd love to pick up some more Models Own cosmetics items too. I've been swooning at this gorgeous range ever since it was recently released!

I will also be buying more Skin Republic Bubble Purifying Charcoal Face Mask Sheets to keep my skin looking luminous, fresh, healthy and youthful despite the no doubt many late nights I'll be having whilst on holidays.

Skin Republic Bubble Purifying Charcoal Face Mask
& 24K Gold Aquagel Under Eye Patch

And finally I also need to restock my Beauty By Nicholas Foundation No More in Medium. This AA cream is a true multi-tasking miracle worker delivering serious hydration, SPF 30+ protection and powerful blemish free perfection without the caked on feeling you usually get with a heavy coverage foundation.  

I love Priceline sales! I'm so happy this sale is starting early! I will be shopping online and avoiding the parking issues and crowds!

What are you planning on buying from this massive Priceline Pharmacy sale? 


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Monday, 11 December 2017

Interview With Just Lashes Ambassador Chantelle Delaney

I'm so excited to share my first interview post with you all. 

I was lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to interview the absolutely gorgeous and amazingly talented Chantelle Delaney.

For those of you not familiar with Chantelle, she is an international singer / songwriter / guitarist who has recently been announced as the new brand ambassador for Australia's Just Lashes.

I'm a huge fan of Chantelle's and I'm also curious to learn more about lash extension treatments so this was the perfect interview opportunity for me!

Chantelle Delaney

Hi Chantelle, congratulations on your new role as the Brand Ambassador for Just Lashes. 

You've been the ambassador for some big Australian companies, you must be excited to add Just Lashes to this list. 

What do you love about Just Lashes?

Thank you Ingrid. Yes, I'm very excited about my new role with Just Lashes and the fact they have opened a stunning new salon in Castle Towers Shopping Centre.

I've utilised the services of Just Lashes for a long time. 

I love how using eyelash extensions lengthens my natural lashes and creates fullness. 

They create the appearance of a brighter, more open and rested eye. 

Being a mum who travels a lot for my work as a performer I'm all about creating a more rejuvenated appearance. 

Thank goodness lash extensions make me look a lot more rested than I am - haha! 

I also love how much time and effort I save from my beauty regimen with lash extensions.

Mascara is no longer necessary and the added benefit is I look and feel beautiful & confident all day, everyday. 

Lashes really are a lifestyle beauty enhancement! 

The Just Lashes team are all so professional, fun, talented and passionate about what they do. Their commitment to quality is unsurpassed and they are international award winners with their technique. 

I'm proud to be apart of the Just Lashes team! 

Chantelle Delaney

How long does a lash extension treatment take? 

It depends on which set of lashes you're getting and for refills, how long it's been between refills. 

I would allow 1 hour for a classic set and 30 minutes for a 2 week refill. 

I always love heading into Just Lashes to get my lashes done as I find it really relaxing. 

How long do lash extensions last? 

The look can be maintained indefinitely with regular lash refills.

Your natural eyelashes have a shedding cycle of approximately 60 days.

The eyelashes that an extension is attached to are usually well and truly half way or more through that cycle.

Some eyelashes are ready to shed within hours of an extension being applied.

The average person loses around 3-5 eyelashes per day.

My lashes usually get 4 weeks out of the extensions but it does depend on your shedding cycle. 

It is recommended to get refills done every 2 weeks. 

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes?

No. In fact lash extensions are kinder to your natural eyelashes as you don't need to curl them or apply mascara, which can dry out or even break your eyelashes.

One of the biggest causes of natural eyelash damage is the wearer themselves when they play with, pull at or pick off their extensions. 

Rubbing your eyes and being careless with the lash extensions can also damage them.

Just Lashes instructs you how to look after your lashes and provides you with an after care instruction card to ensure the longevity and comfort of your lashes.

Just Lashes Salon

I've been following you on your social media for quite a while now and noticed you've been doing a lot of overseas touring. What's next for you? Is it possible you'll be doing a special intimate show in a Just Lashes salon soon?

What a great idea! A live acoustic gig at the new Castle Towers Just Lashes salon is a distinct possibility. Watch this space!

I've been travelling a lot in 2017. I love travelling and performing all over the world but I also love coming home and spending quality time with my son Mason.

Whilst home in Australia at the moment I'm excited to be in the studio a lot, collaborating with some amazing Grammy award winning songwriters for my album. 

I'm not sure when it will be released but I'm loving the material we are writing.

I'm very excited for 2018!

Thank you so much Chantelle for updating Fabulous and Fun Life readers on everything Just Lashes and Chantelle Delaney! 

All the best for 2018! I can't wait for your album to be finalised and released. 

And I am so tempted to get some Just Lashes lash extensions myself now that I understand a bit more about them.

My absolute pleasure Ingrid! Thank you so much for interviewing me. 

Just Lashes Castle Towers have a lot of specials on at present so please do call them on 1300 790 898 or visit 

As a special for Fabulous and Fun Life readers there is a $25 Cash Lash Card for new customers. There are no hidden catches. You just need to fill out this form 

To keep up to date with more of my news you can follow me on instagram @chantelledelaney

Have you ever had eyelash extensions?

Is this something you would be interested in trying?

Are you still needing to find some more Christmas presents for your family and friends?

Click HERE to purchase this spectacular Edible Blooms Poinsettia Posy for $39 (Postage Free)


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Monday, 4 December 2017

Christmas Gift Guide

I love Christmas and absolutely everything about it!

I love Christmas lights, I love Christmas decorations, I love Christmas carols and I definitely love Christmas time with my family and friends, and Christmas feasting - YUM! 

I even love shopping for Christmas presents for my friends, colleagues and family.

I know many of my readers might not share my joy of Christmas shopping so I thought I'd help by listing some of my favourite Christmas gift suggestions for Christmas 2017. 

I've put together a varied selection of products and the majority are not beauty products!

Christmas Gift Guide  

My first Christmas gift suggestion is arguably the most useful gift I'm suggesting too!

It's the Marketeer Basket with a vibrant and fun Banjara Tassel attached, both from The Market Basket Co.

This versatile basket is a great gift for any female young or old to use on a visit to the markets, an outing to the beach, a picnic or on a shopping trip. The uses for this basket really are endless!

Marketeer Basket With Banjara Tassel

The colourful tassel is hand made by the Banjara tribe who reside in the deserts of Rajastan in India. Although they use it to adorn either themselves or their camels I think I prefer to  jazz up my basket with mine. It's an interesting conversation starter, people invariably seem to ask me about it!

For those of you who know me in real life be prepared to see this basket A LOT this Summer! I can see myself using it every. single. day. of my holidays!

Marketeer Basket With Banjara Tassel

For busy mums who are always rushing and stressed out looking after everyone else, one of the best gifts to give is something that will allow her to take time out, indulge and pamper herself. 

If a bath in Natura Siberica Revitalising Bath Salts doesn't totally relax and unwind her as she submerges in its exquisite healing aroma I don't know what will.

These bath salts are enriched with the extracts of calendula flower, rosehip and Siberian ginseng. They smell absolutely divine and leave your skin feeling nourished and gloriously silky smooth!

Natura Siberica Revitalising Bath Salts

If your intended gift recipient is either overseas, or from overseas, or someone who is currently feeling stressed (which is a lot of us!) my gift suggestion is G&M Cosmetics Lavender Oil.

This is a luxurious Native Australian Oil product made in Australia with indigenous Australian ingredients. The 100% pure natural oil is sourced from organic certified suppliers.

Lavender oil has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and also sedative and calming properties. 

Dabbing some lavender oil on your wrists, neck and chest will help reduce anxiety and emotional stress, and improve your sleep quality, something I think all of us would benefit from at this time of year!  

You can check out more G&M Cosmetics Native Australian luxurious skincare products HERE. The Native Australian Kakadu Plum Complex is also amazing!

G&M Cosmetics Lavender Oil 

I attended the launch party for The Crown Season 1 onto DVD recently and saw the first episode on the big screen. I highly enjoyed it. So much so that I binged watched all 4 discs over the span of four nights.

The Crown Season 1 begins with an inside look at the early reign of the queen who ascended the throne, newly married, at the age of 25 after the death of her father King George VI.

This DVD set would be a great Christmas gift for lovers of British drama revealing the personal intrigues, romances and political rivalries behind the early years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

It's also a great prelude to watch this series before the royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle next year. Protocols have certainly changed in some areas of royal life enabling Harry and Meghan to wed but I'm sure other protocols remain the same!

I have such a deeper respect for Queen Elizabeth II, how she juggled love and duty, and how she handled the much older and more experienced Prime Minister Winston Churchill after watching this first season of The Crown.

Claire Foy and Matt Smith are brilliant in their leading roles.

The Crown Season 1

If you have a friend or family member who is getting a new phone this Christmas or New Year, or has an old phone with a flimsy case why don't you gift them an Otter Box protective phone case

I have the Otter Box Mystic Crystal phone case. Not only is it covered in stunning Swarovski crystals it also has drop protection, a shock absorbing interior and glass front protection.

All very valuable protective features for this blogger who not so long ago did drop her phone whilst it was in a pretty but flimsy case and shattered the glass completely! Let me tell you from first hand experience Apple charges a fortune to replace the glass! I will always use an Otter Box case from now on! 

Otter Box Protective Phone Case

If you have a friend or colleague who is planning to travel over the Christmas and New Year holiday period they will love this Oblepikha Siberica Travel Set of hair and body products. 

If they love natural beauty products then they will definitely love it!

Containing the award winning Oblepikha Nutrition and Repair shampoo and conditioner, shower gel and body milk the lucky gift recipient will be able to continue using natural beauty products whilst on holidays without having to lug large bulky products along with them. 

This mini set would also be the perfect way to first experience the Natura Siberica natural beauty range.

Oblepikha Siberica Travel Set

At first I thought I was one of the few remaining people who preferred a paper diary instead of a digital version but I've discovered that a lot of my friends and colleagues are the same! 

There is something special about having a beautiful paper diary. Plus writing my goals down on paper helps keep me on track and accountable, and makes me more likely to achieve them.

The diary that I will be using for my blogging next year is the gorgeous Collins Lifestyle Diary

With monthly tabs, useful planners, it's stylish white and gold design with a protective plastic cover - what's not to love about it! I think this would be a wonderful Christmas gift to receive that will help keep the recipient organised throughout the whole of 2018.

Collins Lifestyle Diary (photographed without the plastic cover)

Finally one of my absolute favourite Christmas gifts to both give and receive are the spectacular Edible Blooms chocolate creations. 

It is so hard to pick just one favourite so I picked two. My first suggestion is the Chandon Poinsettia Garden

Isn't this the most delightful chocolate bouquet with the added Chandon bubbles turning it into a wonderful celebration!  

Edible Blooms Chandon Poinsettia Garden

And my second suggestion is the Large Traditional Christmas Tree. I'm actually tempted to buy this myself for our table centre piece this year! 

It comes in a variety of sizes and colours to fit any Christmas decor. There's a blue & white snowflake tree, a purple and gold snowflake tree and a golden snowflake tree. 

All Edible Blooms Christmas items also include free delivery.

Edible Blooms Large Traditional Christmas Tree

How is your Christmas shopping progressing?


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