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Uspa Skincare

Uspa is an Australian skincare brand with more than 20 years experience in the spa and skincare industry.

It was established in 1995 with a desire to create a holistic spa experience that would restore and rejuvenate the entire being. 

It's harmonious blends nurture the skin and the spirit, and are formulated to promote health, vitality and radiance.

As a result I was excited to be sent two products from the Uspa skincare range to trial and review, namely the Uspa Revital Eyes Firming Gel Aloe Vera & Eyebright and the Uspa Antioxidant Hydrating Gel Aloe & Green Tea.

Uspa Revital Eyes Firming Gel & Uspa Antioxidant Hydrating Gel

Uspa Revital Eyes Firming Gel Aloe Vera & Eyebright

The older I become the more interested I've become in eye creams and gels. 

The older I become the harder it has also become to find an effective eye product - funny that!

The Uspa Revital Eyes Firming Gel is a beautifully refreshing and uplifting eye gel that promises to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, and leave the eye contour smooth, hydrated and radiant. 

Uspa Revital Eyes Firming Gel Aloe Vera & Eyebright

The key ingredients of Uspa Revital Eyes Firming Gel are:
  • Active Caffeine Complex - a powerful complex containing caffeine, green coffee and lecithin to hydrate the eye contour. Luckily there is absolutely no scent of coffee in this product as coffee scents give me a headache. Instead this product has a lovely rose scent.
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate - a potent oil soluble form of Vitamin C which aids in smoothing wrinkles, tightening skin and reducing the look of age spots. It's also a powerful antioxidant. I'm loving the effectiveness of Vitamin C containing products currently. Vitamin C is such a skincare overachiever! 
  • Eyebright Extract - this ingredient reduces the appearance of dark circles and is highly soothing for the eye contour to reduce puffiness and dark circles.
  • Essential Oils - rose absolute.
Like all Uspa products this product is:
  • 100% Australian made
  • Botanical ingredients
  • Sulphate & paraben free
  • Free from synthetic colour & fragrance
  • Mineral oil free &
  • Cruelty free.
After trialing this Uspa Revital Eyes Firming Gel for the past 6 weeks I am happy to share with you that this product does deliver on its promises! It is hydrating and it has lessened the 'slackness' under my eyes and reduced the puffiness as well as reduced some but not all of my fine lines. 

I'm super happy with these results as at my age I can't expect complete miracles! 

I highly recommend this product and I will be continuing to use it so you will probably see it again in an empties post of mine down the track!

This product comes in a 15ml tube and has a recommended retail price of $50.

Uspa Antioxidant Hydrating Gel Aloe & Green Tea

The Uspa Antioxidant Hydrating Gel is a lightweight moisturiser with aloe vera.

It is formulated to help the skin retain moisture and increase hydration. 

It is also formulated to reduce redness and protect the skin from environmental stressors.

Uspa Antioxidant Hydrating Gel Aloe & Green Tea

The key ingredients of Uspa Antioxidant Hydrating Gel are:
  • Aloe Vera Juice - This ingredient's humectant properties help to plump the skin and increase hydration. It is high in antioxidants for nourishing and improving the signs of ageing skin. This is exactly what my mature skin needs!
  • Green Tea Extract - High in antioxidants to improve skin complexion and vitality.
  • Essential Oils - Lavender and Boronia.
I've been trialing this product for over 6 weeks now and my skin does feel more hydrated, smoother and looks plumper and thus more youthful after use.

I enjoy the feel of this product on my skin. It is beautifully lightweight on my skin.

To increase the soothing effect of the Uspa Antioxidant Hydrating Gel even further I've been keeping it in the fridge. It is so refreshing to use cold and will be absolutely perfect to use like this in Sydney's hot Summer weather.

This product comes in an easy to use 125ml pump dispenser bottle. It has a recommended retail price of $70.

Like the eye gel I will continue using this product especially over Summer.

Both the above Uspa products can be bought from

Have you used any Uspa products?

Do you keep any beauty products in the fridge?


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Monday, 27 November 2017

Beauty Related Kris Kringle Gift Ideas (Puns Included)

Every December I participate in at least one or more Kris Kringle gift swaps.

I love Kris Kringles but I know that a lot of other people find them stressful and don't know what to buy. 

So to help reduce your stress levels and save you time I've compiled a list of my top Kris Kringle presents to give this year. 

In keeping with the lighthearted spirit of most Kris Kringles I have also included a relevant Christmas pun with each gift suggestion. Some are punnier than others!

I have kept the price of my suggestions under $20 and preferable under $10 per gift as this seems to be the going price range for the Kris Kringles I participate in.

See what you think of my suggestions and remember these Kris Kringle suggestions are also perfect stocking stuffers and great gifts for teachers, babysitters, music tutors, neighbours and friends!

Merry Kiss-mas!

Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Smoothing Lip Polish
Merry Kiss-mas!

Gift your friends and colleagues soft and supple lips that are ready for under-the-mistletoe kisses with this Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Smoothing Lip Polish and they'll definitely be grateful to you!

This lip polish is fortified with rich Argan oil and the Nutrimetics famous apricot kernel oil plus finely grounded sugar crystals to gently exfoliate.

Lips are left smooth, plump and moisturised! I love this product! My lips have never felt better!

Now where is that mistle-toe?!

Click HERE to buy the Nutri-Rich Smoothing Lip Polish. RRP: $30 but currently on sale for $19.90.

The Merry Kiss-mas pun would also work with Kris Kringle gifts of lipstick.

You're The Balm!

Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment
You're The Balm!

Another perfect Kris Kringle gift for the Kiss-mas season is Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment.

This product nourishes and protects the lips for instant relief from chapping and dryness leaving the lips soft and moist. Once again it's a product that I think everyone would love!

It also contains built in SPF which is perfect for summer.

It's available in apricot or rose shades that add a lovely subtle hint of colour to the lips. 

Perfect for wearing on holidays and at the beach!

Click HERE to buy the Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment which is normally priced at $35 but is currently $9!

Merry Christmas To A Scent-sational Friend

Nutrimetics Fragrance Discovery Collection
Merry Christmas To A Scent-sational Friend

A divinely scented rollerball fragrance is one of my favourite Kris Kringle gifts to give female colleagues and friends. 

I absolutely love fragrances and rollerballs are so convenient to carry around in your handbag for touch-ups while out and about over the holiday party season!

This year my girlfriends will each be receiving a Nutrimetics rollerball fragrance as a table setting favour when they come over for our annual Christmas lunch get together.

Nutrimetics have a fabulous Fragrance Discovery Collection of three elegant fragrances with an overall RRP of $50 but this set is currently on sale for $24.90. That makes each individual rollerball fragrance only $8.30! 

Click HERE to buy the Nutrimetics Fragrance Discovery Collection. 

Wishing You A Christmas Full Of Joy, Peace & Hope Soap!

Nutrimetics Scented Soap
Wish You A Christmas Full Of Joy, Peace & Hope Soap!

Everyone loves a divinely scented soap! 

It adds that little extra touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Scented soaps are another perfect Kris Kringle gift.

The most gorgeously packaged scented soaps I've seen this Christmas are these Nutrimetics ones.

Thanks to their added cocoa seed butter & sweet almond oil they are also perfectly  pampering and nourishing to your skin.

Freesia & Gardenia, Violet & Pink Orchid and Magnolia & Lily - the hardest part is deciding which one to gift!

Click HERE to buy a Nutrimetics Scented Soap, currently on sale for $7.90 each.

Wishing You A Divinely Scented Christmas!

Nutrimetics Scented Hand Cremes
Wishing You A Divinely Scented Christmas!

Another gorgeously packaged and perfect Kris Kringle gift is a Nutrimetics Scented Hand Cremes. 

What woman wouldn't love these divinely scented hand cremes?

They look so pretty it would almost be a pity to gift wrap them! Just add a mini Santa hat and a Kris Kringle card and voila!

Once again it will be a difficult decision deciding between the Freesia & Gardenia, Violet & Pink Orchid and Magnolia & Lily versions as to which hand creme to gift in the Kris Kringle!
Depending on your budget you could buy one or all three or you could buy the matching hand creme and soap!

Click HERE to buy a Nutrimetics Scented Hand Creme, currently on sale for $7.90 each or click HERE  to buy a matching soap and hand creme duo for $12.90.

 Light Up Your Christmas! Relax, Don't Burn Yourself Out!

Nutrimetics Pear & Coconut Candle
Lighting Up Your Christmas! Relax, Don't Burn Yourself Out!

OMG! I am totally in love with this delightful summer scented Nutrimetics Pear & Coconut candle! 

It is so divinely scented! One whiff of its gorgeous aroma instantly relaxes me and transports me away to the tropical summer holiday of my dreams!

The glass jar housing the candle is so stylish and luxurious. 

This candle is definitely a Kris Kringle winner that will bring a relaxing smile to anyone's face! 

Nutrimetics currently has a promotion with this candle. Although it has a RRP of $40 if you spend $125 or more on Nutrimetics products you can purchase this candle for $19.90.

Click HERE to buy this candle.

* * * * * * *

I hope the above has made your Kris Kringle shopping less stressful and given you some Kris Kringle Christmas pun inspiration!

If you enjoyed this post please share it with your friends on Facebook to inspire them too! 

Who knows you might inspire your Secret Santa to gift you one these amazing Kris Kringle suggestions too! 

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* * * * * * *
Click HERE to purchase this Edible Blooms Poinsettia Posy for $39 (Postage Free)

If you loved the above Nutrimetics Kris Kringle suggestions you will probably also enjoy reading my article on 50 Uses for Nutrimetics Nutri-Rich Oil

This versatile multi-tasking iconic Nutrimetics product would also make a great Christmas gift for the beauty lover among your family and friends.

Click on the link to read.
Which of the above Kris Kringle gifts appeals to you the most?


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Monday, 20 November 2017

Formal Season - Princess for a Night

Year 12 has come to an end.

The books are gone, the exams are finished, the stress is over! 

It's now time to get out the high heels, frock up and party at the formal.

This blog post is a bit different to the regular Fabulous and Fun Life posts in that it features my lovely daughter and her transformation into a beautiful fairy tale princess for the night of her formal.

The formal preparation for my daughter started months ago with the search for THE dress, shoes and handbag. 

She started off searching for dresses in stores in Sydney but then her search went online with her finally buying her dress from Lulus online.

Formal Ready

My daughter's formal up do hairstyle incorporating a tiara was created for her at Alchemy For Hair at the Macquarie Centre by the lovely Sarah.

The tiara was bought from Lovisa.

Formal Up Do Hairstyle With Tiara

She then had her makeup applied at Sephora Macquarie Centre by Kat. The cost for a full face of makeup is $85 which is fully redeemable on products. What a great excuse for me to stock up on some Sephora products whilst my daughter got her makeup done. Any excuse to buy more makeup and skincare - lol!

She also had a mani and pedi the day before at Professional Nails at the Macquarie Centre.

Formal Nails & Clutch

Below is a list of all the makeup used on my daughter. 

I have provided links to each product on Sephora online where possible to make it easy and convenient for you to find if you are wishing to purchase any of these makeup items to help you prepare for your Christmas and New Years Eve party season makeup looks.

Formal Makeup & Formal Hairstyle - Up-Do With Tiara

OMG! This newly released palette is sooooo stunning! Expensive but absolutely gorgeous! 

I need this in my life NOW!

Natasha Denona Star Palette

This amazing palette consists of 18 shades including 2 never before seen textures! 

It has 4 crystal eye shadows, 9 creamy mattes, 3 metallics & 2 duo chromes with silky soft textures. The shades are long lasting, have strong colour payoff and are easily blendable without creasing! What more could you possibly ask from a palette!

I so need it! It's at the top of my Christmas wish list! It will be THE perfect palette for the party season and especially for New Year's Eve!

Click HERE if you are interested in buying this palette but run don't walk as I've been advised it is likely to sell out!

Formal Makeup

Tom Ford Cream & Powder Eye Color in Sun Worship
Another amazing product that is on my wishlist!

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner Blacquer - top, Brownout - bottom

This is another product I NEED in my life. 

Not only is this a lovely flattering blush with its combination of warm pinks and shimmering gold, it also smells divinely of pink grapefruits and vanilla! 

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick in Beach Babe
Long wearing and moisture-rich this creamy full coverage lipstick is perfect for formals and the party season! And how gorgeous is the Beach Babe shade on my daughter! I bought this as soon as I saw it applied to my daughter's lips!

* * * * * * *

So there you have all the steps involved in transforming my lovely daughter into a princess for the night of her formal.

And here's one last photo of my daughter with her twin brother before the formal. 

Yes, this proud mum had to sneak in a photo of her son too seeing that he looks so super handsome in his formal tuxedo. 

What makeup from Sephora would you buy to redeem a makeover?


Why pay full price when you can save! 

If you are wanting to buy any of the products listed and linked above please note that 
SEPHORA HAS 15% OFF ON BLACK FRIDAY on 24/11/2017 until Cyber Monday on 27/11/2017. 



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Monday, 13 November 2017

My Magnitone London Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing & Skin Toning Brush

The Magnitone London Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush deep cleanses, tones and beautifully conditions the skin.

It delivers a deep pore cleansing action for radiant refined skin. It effectively exfoliates the skin's surface to eliminate excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt and impurities whilst improving the absorption of your skin care products.

I was so excited when I was offered the opportunity to trial this cleansing brush as I had read quite a few brilliant reviews about it.

And I must say that it has definitely lived up to my high expectations.

Magnitone London Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush 

It is simple, quick and easy to use yet very effective.

The brush is soft and gentle.

The device has one button that you push once to Daily Cleanse and twice for Pulse Lift Toning.

The Vibra-Sonic technology results in deep cleansing with the PulseLift Toning mode boosting micro-circulation.

A light comes on to indicate when it is in Pulse Lift Mode so there's no confusing the two modes.

It has a built in timer and 20 second beeps for your T-Zone, cheeks and neck, and then stops after 1 minute. This prevents you from over using the brush.

How quick, easy and non-fuss is that!

Magnitone London Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush 

I've always been a double cleanse type of girl and I still continue to be.

I initially remove my makeup with micellar water, and then I use my regular favourite cleanser, the Ultraceuticals Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser, with the Magnitone London Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush.

My skin feels so wonderfully clean, soft and smooth afterwards I can't but help feel it! I know that sounds super weird but trust me you will know exactly what I mean once you use this brush for yourself.

After cleansing at night I then continue my nightly beauty routine by applying my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and then my Estee Lauder Nutritious Vitality8 Night creme/mask.

Since using the Cleansing Brush I have noticed that my products sink into my skin so much quicker than before. I love how this Magnitone London Cleansing Brush makes my good quality products even more effective!

After experiencing the thorough deep cleanse this brush provides I must say my skin feels so much cleaner, softer and smoother than it did after I used to manually cleanse my skin with my hands using the same products. 

I don't think I will ever go back to just manually cleansing my skin again!

My skin hasn't looked this radiant and glowing in years as it currently does.

Magnitone London Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush 

Another brilliant feature of the Magnitone London Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush that I absolutely love is that it is 100% waterproof.

As a result of this feature I am able to use this brush in the shower which is so convenient and saves me valuable time rather than cleansing my skin after my shower. 

This brush also comes with a convenient wireless USB magnetic travel charger and travel bag.

The Magnitone London Barefaced Vibra-Sonic Cleansing Brush is available for purchase from It has a RRP of $120 but is currently on sale for $96 making it a great Christmas gift for a best friend, relative or even yourself.

A set of two replacement heads for this cleaning brush is priced at $30. I have been using my brush for over a month now and my brush is not showing any signs of wear yet. 

Do you use a cleansing brush?


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