Sunday, 24 July 2016

Monday Makeup Madness 65 Link Up

Welcome to the Monday Makeup Madness 65 Link Up!

All bloggers are welcome to join in and link up one makeup or beauty related post each. All non-bloggers are also most welcome to visit the link up and enjoy reading the fabulous range of beauty blogs written by the many amazing beauty bloggers that link up here each week.

Monday Makeup Madness 65 Link Up

The aim of the Monday Makeup Madness link up is to share some beauty blogger love, strengthen our beauty blogger community and help all our blogs be seen by new readers. 

At last week's link up we had 20 lovely bloggers link up a beauty related post each. The four most viewed posts were:

The Four Most Viewed Links From The
Monday Makeup Madness 64 Link Up

  • Kats Colourings continued series reviewing the various micellar waters on the market was a popular post. I never knew so many different brands of micellar water existed! Prior to reading Kat's series I was guilty of thinking that all micellar waters were more or less equal. Thanks to Kat's honest and in depth reviews I now know they are not!
  • Fabulous and Fun Life's linked post detailing 5 Winter Essentials including homeopathic insomnia relief, cold sore prevention lip balm, flannelette pyjamas and more was a popular one also. 
  • We also loved Temporary Princess's Natralus Paw Paw moisturiser competition blog post. Who doesn't love the chance to win beauty products! The competition ends on 31/7/16 so there's still time to enter if you didn't enter last week.
  • Finally Candyfairy's linked YouTube video of the upcoming NYX new release cosmetics was also most popular!

I'd love you to join this week's Monday Makeup Madness link up and if your post is one of the three most clicked upon I'll feature it in next week's link up post. I'll also pick one other linked post to feature. The rules of the link up are simple: 

  • Link up one makeup or beauty related post a week only. 
  • Include a link back to Fabulous and Fun Life in your post. 
  • Visit and comment on three or more linked posts. Remember the more you comment on other beauty bloggers' posts the more likely they will be to return the love by visiting and commenting on your blog.
  • This link up starts early each Monday morning (Sydney time) and will remain open until late Wednesday evening.
Visit Fabulous and Fun Life's profile on Pinterest.

If you would like to pin your linked posts to the Monday Makeup Madness Pinterest group board follow Fabulous Fun Life on Pinterest (this is a Pinterest requirement not mine) and then I can invite you to join this board as a co-pinner. 

All bloggers who participate in the Monday Makeup Madness link up are welcome to become co-pinners of this group board. It's another great way to get your posts seen and read by new readers.

Finally, please share the link to this Monday Makeup Madness link up on your blogs & social media to help get the word out among more beauty bloggers, inviting them to join in & share some beauty blogger love with us! We will all benefit from more link up participants and readers. 

Let the Link Up Fun Begin! 


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  1. I remembered to link up!!
    Thanks so much for the link up. X

    1. Yay Jody! I'm so glad you remembered and joined the link up. I'm looking forward to reading your linked post.

  2. Just remembered I hadn't linked up this post! Last week I linked up the Sephora Haul. Yay! :)

    1. I love that photo of you and your son!

  3. I added my link. Is there a link or something I add to my post for the inlinkz linkup? I'm so tired today so everything is going over my head lol

    1. and I would love to be added to the pinterest board :)

    2. I'm so glad you joined the link up! Welcome!

      Re adding anything to your linked post, just a link back to Fabulous and Fun Life, to the Monday Makeup Madness link up is perfect. The more people that know about the link up and join in, the better it is for all of us.

      I've now sent you an invite to join the Monday Makeup Madness Pinterest board so you can add your linked posts to this board too.

  4. I almost forgot to link up today! I have a link-up for empties each month - do join in :)

  5. Hi Ingrid, I will be publishing a post tomorrow. Do I link up to this particular page or just to your home page?
    Lubna from Lubzsays

    1. Hi Lubna, you link up on this page by clicking on the blue 'Add Your Link' button above. I look forward to reading your post :)