Monday, 21 March 2016

Elucent Anti Ageing Skin Care Range including the Improved Day Moisturiser with SPF 50+

I feel grateful to have received the Elucent Anti Ageing range of skin care products to trial including the new and improved Day Moisturiser which now contains SPF 50+. 

The Elucent Anti Ageing range of products is EXACTLY what my 40+ year old skin currently needs and (spoiler alert) after using these products for the past couple of weeks I can say that they have worked wonders for my skin!

The packaging of this range looks modern and stylish being predominantly white with maroon and silver detailing. The only slight disappointment with the packaging I had was that the Night Moisturiser, unlike the Day Moisturiser and Gentle Cleanser, didn't come in a pump dispenser but in a jar. I much prefer the more hygienic pump method of dispensing skin care products but this is really a minor quibble! Possibly the reason for the jar is the thicker consistency of the Night Moisturiser.

Elucent Anti Ageing Skin Care Range

Key Ingredients - Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)
All the Elucent Anti Ageing skin care products contain AHAs in the form of glycolic acid and lactic acid in various concentrations.

AHAs work in three ways:
  • Exfoliating - removing dead skin cells to reveal newer, healthier cells at the skin's surface resulting in a more radiant complexion & improved skin texture,
  • Moisturising - improving the skin's texture, hydration levels and firmness, &
  • Revitalising - softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
One thing to remember when using products with AHAs is that if your skin is sensitive or not used to AHAs it can tingle upon use and you should start slowly by introducing the lowest level of AHAs to the skin and then gradually progressing to higher levels.

Personally my skin only tingled slightly when I used the serum and the night moisturiser, both of which have higher levels of AHAs in them. Surprisingly my skin was fine with the body moisturiser which also has a higher concentration of AHAs. Maybe this is because my body is less sensitive than my face. Please note that overall I don't consider my skin to be very sensitive and I have used AHA containing products previously, so if you know you have sensitive skin start gradually with these products.

Key Ingredients - Vitamins E, B3 & C.
All the Elucent Anti Ageing skin care range also include two or more of the following vitamins:
  • Vitamin E - an antioxidant that provides anti ageing benefits. It helps soften the appearance of sun induced skin changes, increases elasticity, improves skin barrier function and helps protect skin cells from the damaging effects of UV induced free radicals.
  • Vitamin B3 - helps skin repair, boosts collagen levels and improves skin texture and tone.
  • Vitamin C - an antioxidant that works to neutralise free radicals, helps protect against premature ageing of the skin due to sun exposure and helps to increase collagen production.

Elucent's Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser SPF 50+ (4% AHAs, Vitamins B3 & E)

Elucent Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser

I'm always a bit nervous when a brand announces that they have reformulated a product I've previously used and loved. Luckily in the case of Elucent's Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser my fears were totally unfounded! 

As regular readers of my blog know, I have been unfortunate enough to have suffered a malignant melanoma in the past. As a result, rain, hail or shine I always insist on using a sunscreen under my makeup during the day. My obvious preference is for SPF 50+. You can read more about my current sunscreen choices here or about the 9 big sunscreen mistakes you need to avoid here

Although there are quite a few skin care products boasting included sunscreen in them, not too many of these are SPF 50+, so I'm constantly having to add a separate sunscreen into my morning skin care routine.

Good news alert! Elucent's new and improved formulation of its Anti Ageing Day Moisturiser has made me very happy! One of the improvements is that they have replaced its SPF 30+ with SPF 50+. Thank you Elucent!!! 

This eliminates my need to apply an additional facial sunscreen each morning, saving me both time and money! It also gives me confidence that I am preventing any further premature ageing from preventable sun damage.

This day moisturiser is a white cream similar in consistency to my sun screen. I found it to absorb well into my skin upon application. It didn’t clog my pores at all. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth.

I can’t say that I’ve noticed my wrinkles lessen with the use of this product yet but my skin has felt firmer and smoother, and looked more even. My fine lines also appear to have softened. As a result my skin has looked more youthful  and healthier - yay!

This is a great multi-tasking product!

Elucent's Anti Ageing Gentle Cleanser (2% AHAs, Vitamins B3 & E)

Elucent Anti Ageing Gentle Cleanser & Serum Products

This Gentle Cleanser is clear with a slightly runny yet gel-like consistency with a beautiful pearlescent shimmer throughout it.

As you massage it into your skin it produces a lovely lather. 

After using it my skin felt clean without being stripped of its oils.

Elucent's Anti Ageing Serum (16% AHAs, Vitamins B3, C & E)
This product has the highest concentration of AHAs in the Elucent Anti Ageing skin care range and it was the only product in the range that caused my skin to tingle slightly upon my initial couple of uses of it.

This serum is transparent with a slight yellowish tinge and has a runny liquid consistency. You need to be careful when squeezing the tube to make sure you don't dispense too much out of the small nozzle at a time. A little bit of this powerful serum goes a long way! 

This serum absorbs rapidly into my skin. After using it my 40+ year old skin always feels noticeably silkier and smoother and looks more radiant and healthier, and thus more youthful. This serum has also contributed to my fine lines visibly softening.

Elucent's Anti Ageing Night Moisturiser (8% AHAs, Vitamins B3, C & E)

Elucent Antin Ageing Day Moisturiser, Night Moisturiser,
Eye Cream & Body Moisturiser

This Night Moisturiser is a white luxurious, thickish consistency cream. It spreads easily and absorbs into my skin nicely, although it takes longer to absorb than the day moisturiser.

After I've used this product, the next morning my skin feels softer, smoother and firmer. My fine lines also look softened and my skin tone looks more even. Alas my wrinkles are still present but my skin does look more radiant and thus more youthful and healthier - yay! Definitely what my 40+ year old skin needs!

Elucent's Anti Ageing Eye Cream (4% AHAs, Vitamins B3, C & E)
This is a white, reasonably thick consistency, yet still light weight feeling, eye cream which, like the other products in this range, absorbs well into my skin.  

It is easy to dispense out of the fine nozzle in the tube and has improved the texture of my skin around the delicate and sensitive eye area which I normally avoid exfoliating physically.

I've had a lot of late nights recently and I'm hoping this cream will improve the dark circles under my eyes with further continued use. Fingers crossed! I'll let you know how this goes.

Elucent's Anti Ageing Body Moisturiser (12% AHAs, Vitamins B3 & E)
This luxurious body moisturiser is a lightweight whitish lotion which is easy to apply and once again absorbs quickly into the skin upon application. Given its key ingredients and its high level of AHAs this product is truly an anti ageing product and so much more than your usual body moisturiser. I found it to leave my skin feeling not only softer, smoother and silkier, but also firmer and more toned.

In conclusion, if you are at all concerned about the early signs of ageing and you want a range of effective products that have been scientifically formulated, I'd highly recommend this Elucent Anti Ageing range of skin care. It's worked wonders on my skin!

What are your main skin concerns?



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These reviewed products were kindly gifted to me for editorial consideration. 
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  1. Anti ageing skincare. Now you're talking my language.

  2. Great review, Ingrid. My major skin concern is dryness and I'm getting a couple of age spots. Anything to reduce those I'd be very interested in.

  3. I love the sound of the 50 plus. I always wear sunscreen and have done daily since I was 16. People always under-guess my age now so it must be paying off! Great review. X

  4. I like that it comes in 50 plus. I find it hard to get moisturisers with that level of sun protection.

  5. I am for Anti-Ageing anything. I have dry skin that can look tired without a great moisturiser. Excellent to have the sun protection too. xx

  6. 50+ moisturiser sounds fantastic! I have had a melanoma removed from the corner of my eye of all places! I always wear my sunglasses and there is seriously no way of putting sunblock in the corner of your eye!

  7. Using anything with the word anti-ageing in it still freaks me out even though I'm 30+ now. I do love the idea of a moisturiser with 50+ though. #teamIBOT

  8. Anti ageing with the right ingredients can work wonders. The key is starting (and sticking) to a solid routine. I swear by Hyaluronic, and Lactic acid in skincare. I also use a high dose (23%) of vitamin C, plus a B2 serum to lock in moisture. Plus prescription strength Vitamin A xx

  9. This sounds good. I have been using a moisturiser I grabbed in Wollies for months and my skin always feels a bit tight. I need a bit of a tidy up - nails, haircut and a closer look at the skin care regime. After Easter, will be done. Will look out for this.

  10. I love the thought of 50+ as I dont go anywhere without suscreen,

  11. This range sounds lovely and would be well suited to my skincare needs. I got the Elucent Whitening range from the Bloggers United event recently, but haven't started with it yet :)

  12. Love the added SPF - we really need it in Australia!

  13. I hate to admit that I now need to be using anti aging.. Nooo I'm not ready

  14. This looks like just what my not quite yet 40 skin needs! And you had me at 50 plus. Definitely checking this range out! Xx

  15. I am nearly 52 and l think it is important to use age appropriate skincare , I would never use skincare without SPF

  16. It is a great range! I haven't had the time to incorporate the new SPF 50 day cream into my routine, but I'm looking forward to it!

  17. What a great review, very thorough. I have only tried the Brightening range but this one looks to be right up my alley x

  18. I am yet to try this, I'm still trying to finish my elucent whitening skincare before I start using this! My biggest skin concern is pores and under eye bags

    Lily not Louise

  19. Wow, Ingrid. I had no idea you had malignant melanoma. I can imagine how vigilant you are now about sunscreen protection. SPF 50+ is the only way to go. Great that Elucent have taken a proactive step in this direction!

  20. My main concern is the wrinkles. I should have been using anti aging serum, and been more vigilant with the sunscreen years ago! I am better at it now though.

  21. One of the best reviews of a product range I've ever read Ingrid - well done sweetie, you were made for blogging ♥ I've tried this set and loved it - sometimes I wish I wasn't so fickle ha ha. I find it a challenge to stick to a particular skincare collection, I'm always looking for something else, but now that the SPF has been upped in the day cream, I'm keen to go back to these lovely anti-ageing goodies xxx

  22. Firmer and more toned skin is just what I need! I've never heard of this line before. TFS

  23. I'm not particularly concerned about anti ageing right now, but the Elucent's Anti Ageing Eye Cream sounds great, so let me know how it goes!

  24. I have been loving the Elucent range recently too Ingrid. I love how affordable it is and I have been using products from both the Anti Ageing and the Whitening range.

  25. I've been wanting to try this range, it sounds so good but I haven't seen it anywhere in store, I might have to hunt online for it!