Monday, 2 February 2015

LonVitalite C3 Red Wine Facial Mask Review

I've been wanting to try LonVitalite's C3 Red Wine Collagen Firming & Moisturising Facial Masks for a while now. This mask was awarded beautyheaven's "Winner of Best New Face Mask of 2014". So I was very happy to be able to purchase a box of these facial masks in beautyheaven's December 2014 beautorium using my beautyheaven loyalty points. Yay! I love the benefits of being an active member of beautyheaven's website.

These masks are one of LonVitalite's anti-ageing masks.These masks claim to:
- promote the regeneration of damaged cells & repair skin tissue
- remove fine lines & fade deep wrinkles
- provide calm, soothing relief from the inflammation caused by sunburn
- increase the skin's resilience & firmness
- reduce the visible signs of fatigue 
- improve your skin's lustre, &
- intensely hydrate your skin.

This sounds exactly like what my 40+ year old skin needs!!!!

I received 5 face masks in my box, each individually sealed in a separate foil sachet.

The 4 step instructions for applying the mask were extremely easy to follow:
1) Wash face clean & pat dry.
2) Remove mask from satchel & open evenly.
3) Apply mask to the face & smooth evenly into place.
4) After 20 minutes remove the mask & rinse with clean water.

Upon opening the individual sachet, a pleasant red wine scent wafted out. Perfect for a Friday evening facial pampering session! This quickly dissipated however and once the mask was on my face I could no longer smell this scent. Maybe I'll just have to enjoy a glass of red wine later!

Each soft fabric mask is pre-soaked in concentrated serum containing extracts from the red wine grape seed. Luckily there is no hint of red wine in the colouring of the serum - my face has enough redness already!!!

I found this mask to be very easy and convenient to use, with no mess whatsoever. It covered my face well, although I did have to pull it in around my nose a bit after this photo was taken to ensure it smoothed down and was in contact with all the skin adjacent to my nose.

Scary mask photo included for those who want to see what the mask look like!
A little tip: Due to Sydney's swelteringly hot weather at the time I was reviewing this mask, I refrigerated the mask overnight prior to using it. As a result this mask provided a beautifully refreshing & cool facial treatment. Conversely, if using the masks in winter you can place the sachet in warm water for 2-3 minutes before use to receive a lovely warm facial treatment.

Another tip: I used the little bit of serum remaining in the sachet to cover my neck & decolletage regions. No point in wasting any of the serum!

Final tip: The instructions recommend to leave the mask on for 20 minutes. As the mask was still quite moist after 20 minutes I kept it on for longer to allow time for my skin to soak up all of the serum's goodness and nutrients. An hour had past by the time I removed my mask! By then it was almost completely dry, meaning that my skin had soaked up the maximum amount of serum possible. Plus I got to finish the book I was reading ;)

Upon removal of the mask my skin felt softer, smoother, firmer and more nourished than before. In addition to this my skin's pores looked smaller and my skin looked radiant and refreshed. Definitely an excellent result! I highly recommend this mask.

You can click HERE to buy a box of 5 of these masks for $39.00 from Ry Australia. 

Do you use face masks? If so, what face masks have you used?


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  1. Red wine on my face, well ok. I can actually imagine myself sitting back with a glass of red, with a cool mask (i love the fridge idea!) and a good book. Now to find a babysitter ...

    1. A babysitter is a good idea. The mask can appear quite scary to a young toddler or child!

  2. Well that's a pretty reasonable price. I haven't had a facial for years. This do at home one sounds great.

    1. It's hard to find the time to go to a salon so I love these DIY at home facials! They also do give good results at a much cheaper price!

  3. Sounds divine. I might need to case these.

    1. Does that mean you'll be getting a 'case' of red wine to enjoy whilst using the masks?

  4. I LOVE your idea of keeping your mask in the fridge before application! That is genius! I must try that as it's so hot at the moment!! :D xo

    1. Refrigerating the mask beforehand in summer makes it so much more refreshing and enjoyable!

  5. The mask sounds awesome. I love masks and exfoliators, I'm a bit of a junkie when it comes to them. Rachel x

    1. Me too! I love trying new masks and exfoliators. Let me stop kidding myself, I love trying all beauty products!

  6. Redwine on the face sounds wonderfully decadent. I'd love to give it a go.

  7. Love the refrigeration tip! Might try it just for that - this heat is too much for me!